Solo Exhibition

2018 February ‘In Motion’, Workshop Art Centre

Group Art Exhibitions

2021 March, Sculpture, Incinerator Art Space

2019 September, Sculpture, Maunsell Wickes Gallery

2018 October, Sculpture by the Sea Bondi finalist

2018 March, Imag(in)ing, Workshop Art Centre

2017 September, Sculpture in the Garden finalist

2017 March, Hunters Hill Sculpture Finalist

2016 September, Sawmillers Sculpture Prize finalist

2016 September, Wombat Hollow Sculpture, Maunsell Wickes

2016 July, Sculpture, Maunsell Wickes Gallery

2015 December, Huntington Music Exhibiton, Maunsell Wickes

2015 September, Miniature 6x6x6 inch exhibition, Defiance Gallery

2015 September, Sculpture, Maunsell Wickes Gallery

2014 October, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi finalist

2014 August, Sculpture Exhibition, Maunsell Wickes Gallery

2014 July, Hunters Hill Sculpture Finalist

2014 June, Thin Ice2, The Incinerator Gallery

2013 August, Taylor Made, Maunsell Wickes Gallery

2013 August, Sculpture in the Vinyards award, Cessnock Regional Art Gallery

2012 November, Tiny Titans & Miniliths, Defiance Gallery

2012 July, Head Gear, Mills Gallery

2012 April, Excavation, The Armory Gallery

2011 November, Sculpture By the Sea, Bondi finalist

2011 November, Honors Show, The National Art School

2011  October, Sculpture in the Vineyards,

2011  May, Six senses, Stairwell Gallery

2010 December, 3rd Year Show, National Art School

2010  August, 3rd Year and Honours sculpture, Stairwell Gallery

2010  July, Friends of Mils, Mils Gallery

2010  April, CAS Art Exhibition, Delmar Gallery

2009  September, Fandango Express, Mils Gallery

2009  August, Mils Will Open, Mils Gallery


Clitheroe Foundation Mentorship program for Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2011


2012 Cessnock Regional Gallery Art Prize


Luca Belgiorno-Nettis private collection

The Shoalhaven City Arts Centre collection


2019 June- September Shangyuan Art Museum, Artist in residence 

2012 March -July Newington Armory Residency


2012 November 16th , Sculpture in the Vineyards 2012 Catalogue

2012 October, Art monthly issue number 254