It all began with my fascination of sculpture and working as an artist for many years. I have a passion for working with materials as I believe they can evoke our deepest feelings. The acrylic medium allows me to represent nature with a simple yet striking aesthetic.

I have always been interested in nature and how it can be used as a source for new ideas and inspiration. The acrylic material that I use allows me to capture many of the beautiful materials that trigger our imagination and love for nature which include water, flora and fauna, and the earth. Having lived and grown up in Australia I have had the opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful landscapes, from desolate desserts in central NSW to beautiful beaches and bushland on the east coast. When travelling as a child I can always remember seeing vividly the incredible range of colours of the Great Barrier Reef and the sun burnt landscape of the desert at Broken Hill. It is my aim as an artist to celebrate this beauty and share it by making unique homewares that have cheerful colours and organic shapes.